Latest reported headlines of abuse by “The Religion of Peace” followers against minors

Read the latest article with incidents of abuse against minors in middle eastern countries. Mind you, these are reported abuses. The last one is an example of what you could be subject to under Sharia Law.

Emirates 24-7

13 year old girl saved from marriage (her father approved the marriage)

Water poured on 5 year old daughters face (A cop did this over a dispute with his wife)

Teen boy raped by friend (his friend is a Gulf Emirates National Guard Member who I guess thought he was living in southern Afghanistan and it was Bachi Boy night)

Couple arrested for celebrating Valentines Day (to much PDA it would.seem)

Read the article for details

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  1. #1 by LadyRavenSDC on February 15, 2012 - 4:03 PM

    Islam is a cancer on the world.

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