islamonausea not islamophobia

The 9/11 terrorist did not fly directly to NYC, go to Mosque then board planes to massacre 3,000 innocent men, women, and children. No they flew over from the Middle East over time and then they spread out over the east coats. Acted like typical travelers. They drank, they dated, and they had sex with non-Muslim women.  A few hung out in South Beach at the pool all day long enjoy civilization for the first time, drooling over bikini clad women. They weren’t radicals killing people for saying “Allah is Poo” they were typical stinky foreigners. Then they boarded planes hijacked them, killing the pilots first, then drove those planes into building screaming.  “Allahu Akbar!  Allahu Akbar!  Allahu Akbar!” “(Islam’s) God is Great” They were for all intents and purposes Moderate Muslim and then they weren’t. No radical Muslim achieves any act of Jihad unless their is a team of moderate Muslims working furiously to cover up, hide, and promote these acts of war. The 9/11 massacre had an extensive network of moderate Muslim and Saudi Money to make that dream of killing 3,000 people a possibility.

I have yet to hear Muslim denounce these actions. The only thing they say is “It wasn’t me! That isn’t Islam” They make up terminology “Islamphobia” for people who are wise to what Islam is. No bitch its islamnausea the more we learn about ISLAM the more repulsive that is! Islamic governments trained, & paid for these killers to massacre people. “It wasn’t us…” BULLSHIT the Arab community knew an attack was going to happen and they took pride and happiness in it. Killing for Allah is an ISLAM thing. Jihad is an ISLAM thing. Do not believe their cries that Islam is being misused. Look at their actions and what they say their murderous intent is obvious. It is written in the Qu’ran, which Muhammad dictates that lying to non believers is an excellent skill to have! Muslim even have a terminology for it, Taqiyya and Kitman. Your moderate normal Muslim friends, neighbors, schoolmates are lying to you.

Moderate Muslim support Terrorism with every action they take.

CAIR is a terrorist organization manipulating the United State Judicial System.

Liberals and those who are tolerant of this psychotic religion are not only naive but they are ALL supporters of Terrorism.

Moderate Muslims disgust me.  They are the ones murdering people. They are the ones allowing terrorism to happen. They are the ones protecting the radicals, and smiling when the radicals massacre thousands. These savages do not belong in America; they do not belong in Civilization. They should go back to the Middle East and be miserable there instead of making innocent people miserable here.

These men were US Muslim and Moderate until one day they weren’t.

The Moderate Muslim are just as hateful and murderous as the terrorist. Proof is all over the internet. Every single time America tries to protect herself. Those Muslim demand that she be left open so they can rape and kill her citizens. Those Moderate Muslim DO NOT DEMAND THAT THE ISLAM TERRORISM BE STOP! They demand that America stops resisting the Islamic Terrorist.

Example: the NYP stopped a would be Islamic Suicide Bomber this week from Morocco. He came to America, Prayed at an AMERICAN mosque, strapped on a suicide vest and went to kill people. How does the western Muslim community act? THEY viciously and hateful attack the NYPD for protecting innocent Americans! The moderate are the same savages as the ones blowing things up. You can treat these animals as civilized humans but the truth is they are and always will be Muslim Savages one prayer away from horrendous acts of Jihad and will never change.  Read their hate.

Ismat Sarah ManglaIsmat Sarah Mangla @ismat

Hey, Muslims! (Or anyone, really.) If the NYPD had been spying on you, what would they know? Answer with #myNYPDfile

NYPD is one of America’s greatest assets, which is why MUSLIM hate them.

We need to close our borders to all Islamic Republics and purge the ones with green cards and visa from America. They are harming her they have never done anything positive.  Just look at what they have done to Europe.  Muslim even say that they want to destroy the world and make it Islamic. They are destroying countries because Muslim (Europe calls them Asian) do not want to assimilate into America, they hate her and they want to change it! This hatred of the west is preached in American Mosques

Their have been over 20 Islamic Terrorist attacks prevented in the first 6 weeks of 2012.

Islamic terrorism on American Soil The ones the LAW ENFORCEMENT MISSED

 List of Islamic terrorist attacks in the least 2 months

Allah is the fictional creation of Muhammad. His alter ego which justified his horrendous life style of rape, murder, and thievery. Muslim who worships this mad man are nothing more than psycho killers about to snap. You are a liability of civilization.Learn about Muhammad

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