Wife’s face burned with acid by IslamoHubby to stop her from working

We are still waiting for the official CAIR statement condemning the act….

Tribune Express

Talking to The Tribune at the hospital, the victim said the attack on Sunday night had followed an argument over her job at an advertising agency. “He wanted me to quit the job and stay home. He said he would send our son to work to ensure that the family income was not affected,” she said. She said she wanted everyone of her four children, all under eight years old, to finish their schooling before they started working.
The victim said the suspect had accused her of continuing the job so that she could maintain ‘relationships’ with other men. “I had taken up the job to help him feed the family. His income as a personal assistant to a lawyer was not enough to run a family of six people,” she said.
She said the suspect fled the scene following the attack.
Gulgasht police have registered an FIR against Muneer Ahmed*, husband of the victim, under Section 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code.
SHO Amir Khan said the complaint filed by the victims’ sister did not require the inclusion of Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (needed to be added in acid attack cases in accordance with a recent legislation making the offence non-bailable) in the FIR. He said the police might reconsider the decision about the section as the case progressed.
The complainant told The Tribune that she had rushed to her sister’s house on receiving a phone call from the suspect at around 3am on Monday. “He said someone had attacked one of their children with acid and asked me to go to his house to help her take the child to hospital,” she said. The suspect told her that he was away from home and could not return anytime soon, she added. The complainant said on reaching the scene she found out that her sister had been attacked with acid.

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  1. #1 by cheshirecat0025 on March 28, 2012 - 12:32 PM

    CAIR will say it was an attack of “Islamophobia and a unknown Jewish man creeped into this women’s home and assaulter her with acid… ” you know because acid is the Jewish mans choice of abuse….. oh wait my bad Muslim use acid as the preferred method of abuse second only to the sward you know beheading are soo in style in the MENA region. (MENA = Middle East North Africa)

  1. #MyIslamRespectsWomen | Operation YouTube "Islamism" Smackdown

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