Pakistani chopped up brother’s wife’s body for having ‘loose morals’

Another act of tolerance from our allies and followers of the religion of peace.

Express Tribune

In another incident, Noor Bhari, 20, a resident of Shah Wali, was slaughtered by her brother-in-law Shakal Khan for having ‘loose morals.’
According to the DHQ hospital post mortem report, her legs and then her arms were chopped before she was killed. Her upper body was thrown near the canal while her limbs were buried under a shrub close by. Police recovered these when her husband Hameed Khan led them to the place.
Speaking to The Express Tribune, Hameed said his brother, Shakal Khan, had told him to keep his wife at home and accused her loose morals. He said that he had seen Shakal Khan leave from the place were the body was recovered.</block quote

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  1. #1 by Head Con on April 4, 2012 - 5:09 AM

    that will no doubt teach her some islamist morality

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