UK school considers banning alcohol sale to avoid offending Muslims

Mail Online

A university is considering ending the sale of alcohol on campus due to concerns from Muslim students. London Metropolitan University could take action because a ‘high percentage’ of its students thought drinking was ‘immoral’, according to its vice chancellor.

Professor Malcolm Gillies raised the prospect of an alcohol-free campus after gauging the changing values from the influx of new students.

He said it would be unwise to ‘cling’ to a ‘nostalgic’ view where the vast majority wanted alcohol to be available and instead take account of diverging views.

He told MailOnline: ‘I was raising the issue of changing values in student populations and the question of how a responsible university responds.

‘London Metropolitan University is a highly diverse university ethnically and in religious terms. ‘

‘Our students come from all over the world and they come with changing balance of values.

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Hat tip Europe News

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