“immigrants”, aka Muslims, film gang raping of underage girl

The Local

Stockholm police have arrested several teenage boys suspected of gang raping an underage girl and filming the act.

The boys were arrested on Monday and taken in for questioning over the incident.

“A preliminary investigation into aggravated child rape has been launched,” prosecutor Mikael Karlsson told the Expressen newspaper.

Karlsson refused to confirm how many boys were suspected for taking part in the rape, which is believed to have occured in a Stockholm suburb in late February or early March.

He also refrained from divulging the ages of the suspects beyond saying that several were younger than 15-years-old, the age of criminal responsibility in Sweden.

“I can’t say how many people have been questioned. All who have asked for legal representation are younger than 15,” Karlsson told the paper.

According to Expressen, the boys are believed to have filmed the incident.

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Read about the Stockholm Suburb and the Muslim infestation.

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